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As of April 1, 2020 I will be closing my practice due to an appointment as City of Phoenix Municipal Judge. I am very excited about this new path, but also sad to say goodbye to many of my clients and friends as a practicing lawyer.

All but a hand full of my immigration cases will be taken over by the Law Firm of Vianey Hurtado, PLC. Vianey was my former intern, clerk, protégé and business associate. She is an extremely capable, caring and diligent lawyer who has all my trust. I know she will do a great job. I will also be referring all new immigration cases to Vianey.

You can still call 602-257-0000 if you have any criminal cases to receive a list of criminal lawyers that I recommend.

Alex Navidad

Alex E. Navidad, PLC,

Alex E. Navidad, PLC, is a Phoenix law firm with a proven track record in criminal defense and its implications on immigration status.

We understand that it is difficult when a family member is arrested or investigated by the Government, Police or ICE. We are fully dedicated to the criminal and immigration defense practice.

The firm strives to distinguish itself by focusing on providing honest, helpful and aggressive representation. We view our clients as real people with families and lives, not as simply a file or a number. We pride ourselves on the attention we can give our clients.

We are centrally located near downtown Phoenix, only blocks away from all major courthouses and immigration court. We represent clients in all parts of Arizona Federal, county, city and Immigration courts.

We are committed to customer service and aggressive representation. Our staff and lawyers speak Spanish and we have interpreters available for persons that speak other languages.

Criminal Defense

Nothing is more frightening than being arrested and charged with a criminal offense. For the accused, the experience can be confusing, frustrating and intimidating. For family, the coldness and incredibly one sided nature of the process can be difficult to understand.
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Immigration Defense and Family Petitions

Your future is at stake when the U.S. Immigration authorities make decisions about your right to stay in the U.S. We help people resolve their immigration problems. We are committed to bringing families together, and to keep them here when they are placed in immigration proceedings or detained.
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We are committed to customer service and aggressive representation.